Frilly Lilly Brand Materials

Client: Frilly Lilly

Designer: Amber Richart

I’ve been working with Debra Van Dyke and the Frilly Lilly team since they came up with the concept back in 2008. I can’t begin to count the hours we have spent together over the years working on the concept, everything from the overall brand, store promotions, product ideas and packaging of those products and so much more. Frilly Lilly represents the starting point of my freelance career many years ago and like many other clients I’ve had over the years, I’ve learned so much from as a business. I am so very proud of Frilly Lilly’s successes and grateful for all of the work we’ve done together and the wisdom it’s brought to me.

The Frilly Lilly Brand represents a place that’s all things girly and chic, with a vintage flair. Frilly Lilly specializes in bikini waxes and also offers services in the areas of manicures, pedicures, eye lash extensions and more. Frilly Lilly also sells beautiful trendy hand picked accessories and carries their own frilly lilly bikini care line and other body care products.