The Richart Experience

We love brands and we love working closely with our clients to create a design experience that is both creative, intuitive and problem solving. We see design as a puzzle that always has a clever solution, one that comes to life immediately or in some cases, takes a few tries to get solved. Regardless, we always stand by our work and make sure our clients walk away proud of their new investment.

Who we work for

If you are looking for an experienced designer to start you off in the right direction or if you are an established brand already working with other agencies but would like to have a designer on-call, then contact us. We would love to work with you.


The Richart Story


Hi! I’m Amber Richart and I help business big and small get serious about their visual presence through logos, branding and basically all areas of graphic design.

I created Richart Studios on a whim, almost 15 years ago, just a couple years after earning a degree in Visual Communications from Medicine Hat College. But really it didn’t start there. I fell in love with fine art and design as a child and began creating illustrations and ‘faux’ magazine layouts and audio tape covers (yes, I was a child in the 80’s). I did this for fun…until I was earning money from commissioned posters and winning all sorts of youth poster contests. So I guess you could say my creative path was created for me!

Over the years I dabbled in all areas of graphic design but realized my true passion lies in brands - the creation of new smart designs for clients starting out, working with existing brands and also creating brands in the areas of product labels and packaging.

Alongside all the hands-on design, I also work with other freelance designers, developers and copywriters within my business. We have so much access to other specialized talents and so it’s been highly beneficial to connect with other creatives and freelancers with similar skill levels to allow my business grow within the modern ways of working. I don’t believe that a true designer can accomplish the tasks of (or think like) a true developer and vice versa. I also don’t think that going big is the best way to grow every business and that staying small can be just as (if not more) rewarding.

Recognizing this shift in the growing freelancing world has led me to another new found passion, which has been sharing my knowledge and wisdom with other graphic designers who are looking for a change in their life and want to move to the freelance lifestyle. This is my newest project, which will be a graphic designer freelance mentorship launching in late 2019, called Rich Artist Life.

Today I live in Kelowna, British Columbia with my partner and our beloved doberman and cat. As a freelancer in the beautiful Okanagan, I naturally spend all of my non-working hours hiking and doing all kinds of outdoorsy stuff.


When the visual presence of your company is of utmost importance, it is wise to have an experienced designer on your call list to have your back.